Andres –

Victim Location 37082

Type of a scam Employment

I received an email from NORDIC PHARMA regarding employment. They asked me to use a gmail account and contact them with Google Hangout. There they conducted an online interview with me. I “got the job”. But they they started talking about sending me a certified check to purchase my computer and software. At that point I started researching employment scams and found several very similar to this. They kept sending me google verification codes to my phone and asking for those codes. They also asked me what bank i used. Unfortunately i told them because this was before I realized it was a scam. I then took screen shots of similar scams and sent them to the person interviewing me. He claimed they were legit, but I could tell from some grammatical errors and the way things were worded that they were not. They also wanted me to purchase the computer and software through a specific vendor.

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