Nordwing Delivery

Holly –

Victim Location 49015

Total money lost $850

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I "purchased" a pekingese puppy from a breeder named ChuChu Farm. There was a price for the puppy and an additional $150 for the cost of shipping. I mentioned that I may want to drive to Maryland to pick up the puppy and they said that was fine. But, after considering the cost of hotel and gas I decided to have the puppy shipped to me. I was contacted on the day of delivery by someone with a Salem, Oregon phone number and a very heavy accent that I could not place. He told me that they had to have the puppy checked out by a vet and that the puppy will be delivered to me around 10:30 in the evening. I said ok – whatever thanks for the update and they told me that they want me to confirm that I received the email from the transport company. Hours later they call and tell me that the dog needed shots and a new carrier because the one that the breeder provided was not up to the standards. I could buy or rent – with a $1500 deposit. The cost of the carriers was not anywhere near what one could buy at a pet store. I told the man that I already paid for shipping and he said they have received no money from me. I informed the man I think that he’s scamming me and to return the dog to the breeder. He said he would take the dog to quarantine and that the quarantine people will be contacting me at my home. I said, I will be waiting. The man hung up on me. I attempted to contact the breeder and no response. The website for this company and the emails that were sent gave me the impression that this was a legitimate company. I am so upset. I am out $850.

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