North Americas Readers Choice

Hannah –

Victim Location 84050

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Debt Collections

A couple years back my husband got a call from North Americas Readers Choice about a free trial for magazines. He unfortunately agreed to this and started receiving magazines on a regular basis. However, when it came time for renewal, it was automatically done for him and he then started receiving charges to his bank account. After many months of calling and trying to get out of a "contract" that he never agreed to… they finally said that if he would pay out the rest of his "contract" (a total of $700) that he would no longer have to make anymore payments and his "contract" would be done. Well about six months ago we started receiving more charges to our bank account. When he called to question it they told him that he still had a balance to pay on his account and if we just paid 49.90 every other month for six months we would be all done paying and be done dealing with this company. We repeatedly told them that we would NOT be renewing any subscriptions and we no longer wanted to receive magazines once the contract was complete. However, this month we received not only one charge to our bank account but TWO. I then decided to investigate, when we called them they said it was a mistake and that it wouldn’t process and it would just go away. It didn’t. I then received a letter in the mail thank us for signing up again for another 30 MONTHS! I couldn’t believe it! When I researched the company online I learned it was a scam and they trick people into "contracts" by telling them that the only way that they can get out of a contract is by being recorded stating that you originally agreed to the contract and then you are stuck and it is just this huge circle and you can never get free! They also state on the letter they send out that no legal action can be taken against them and that any dispute has to be dealt with them directly. It is all a huge trap to take your money. I changed my card information so that they can no longer charge me for a contract that isn’t even real.

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