Northeast Resolution Services

Kendra – May 21, 2020

Victim Location 77545

Total money lost $1,690.62

Type of a scam Debt Collections

On Thursday, May 20, 2020 and May 21, 2020 under a local state disguised phone number stating his name was Kelvin H******, a local courier that had certified documents that would be delivered at my residence or alternative location like my place of employment between the 11:00AM -3PM and I would need to be present to sign for documentation. If I had any questions I could contact 888-838-7908 and give a particular reference number. However I was told to contact 888-202-9645 with any questions or need to reschedule. Received another call on May 12,2020 from NorthEast Resolution Services. Utilizing several of the numbers with email, I was contacted during February, March, and April 2019. On April 5, 2019 Jonathan K**** contacting me stating he was from NorthEast Resolution Services called to settle a debt and could send me a payment plan. I researched the company much later unfornately The payment plan sent listed their address as 2316 Delaware Ave Buffalo, NY 14216, but that address listed according to google shows a dilapidated home in a residential area. I asked about it, and Jonathan stated that another company had the same name as theirs, but couldn’t explain the same address link. They have additional number listed as their compliance Dept 1-888-633-9005. I was also contacted by Chris J****** from 888-202-9656 saying they would file a lawsuit and have my wages were going to be garnished and they were sending a courier to my place of employment. I notified them I had filed a Better Business Bureau complaint for a scam debt collection agency that did not exist because I did not want anyone else to be scammed, harassed, by fake debt collection servicing company. After reading so many other complaints to from individuals receiving the same information, same NorthEast Resolution Services contacts, I just wish I had completed my full research first.

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