Northland Financial Services

Martha – May 13, 2020

Total money lost $1,800

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

What happened? Dear Sir/Madam: 1)I received a letter of loan approval on the 21st April and was very glad to the amount of $8000 … hence I followed up on it and do need the money for I am a pensioner and my wife has cancer and needs special medications which is costly and we survive pension benefits to pension benefits ….. (attached) 2)I received later a loan agreement couple days later and was instructed to go to the Royal Bank of Canada and deposit $540 to the Account of one Rosemarie Shallow /Transit # 05982/Account # 5210625 …. This is I believe what they call a MAC and constitutes 3 months up front payments … loan monthly payments at $180 per month (see attached) (3) I was expecting the loan to come through yesterday 4th May and called and was told I have to pay Taxes on the loan amounting to $720 at a bitcoin machine which I did and was given firm instructions to use the bitcoin deposit (see attached instructions and receipt) I expected to see the loan in my Bank account this morning but to no avail …. they want an additional $540 which I paid by Bitcoin on the 11th May yesterday … I am a pensioner with a wife who has cancer and already out of $1260 sent to this dishonest company … Today the 12th May was expecting money in my account but to no avail … I called and they want an additional $800 . Please do something about this company … I have cancelled out of frustration but was told it June 23rd before I can get my money back… We have no money for the rest of the month and it is unfair to treat seniors like this …. I feel powerless and hurt that I allowed this to happen …my wife would be devastated if I told her we have no money for the rest of the month …. Can you please help. at least get my money back asap .. of if the loan goes through I am willing to meet my loan obligations.. I have proven my commitment and sincerity paying the money up front … Please help … thank you and see attached supporting documents to verify my complaint.. Person handling my fie is Samantha Clarke Phone :1-888-581-8839 ext 221 What would be a fair resolution to this issue? ? I want the CFPB to publish this …

Other people spoken to is

Samantha Clarke

Majorie Thompson




They all gave me the run around

I have to this date sent $1800 to this unscrupulous company

Money that I cannot afford to lose and don’t have … as it stands we do not have money for food for the rest of the month.

Please see documents for I documented it all..

Thank you please help

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