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Julian – Apr 29, 2020

The below is not legal advice. It’s just the information I got in my attorney generals website.

Henry – Apr 29, 2020

This company has been calling me for about a year and threatening to sue for time barred debt. This means the debt is too old and past the statute of limitations. When the debt is past the statute of limitations it is ILLEGAL for a debt collector to sue. These people buy the debts for cents on the dollar and try to collect them. And that’s fine but they CANNOT SUE YOU. They scare people into paying them. Check the statute of limitations in your state and do not give them ANY FINANCIAL INFORMATION. I know it’s scary but stand up to them. Yes they can call to collect but they CANNOT TAKE ANY LEGAL ACTION AGAINST YOU FOR A TIME BARRED DEBT.

Carrie –

Victim Location 71055

Type of a scam Debt Collections

The guy said his name was jim bell and if I didn’t pay him 390 for a payday loan I never took out from bayside

Loan that he is going to sue me and garnish my wages. I asked for him to give me the number to the company I "owed money too" he refused I asked for a validation of debt he lied and said muiltple had been sent out to me. That he would email me a copy. I said email is fine but I also want a paper copy. He hasn’t sent anything yet

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