Norton/Assured Guard Corp.

Allen – May 06, 2020

Victim Location 84757

Total money lost $462.35

Type of a scam Tech Support

March 9, 2020 – I had a computer problem – I called a phone number that was supposedly Norton. Got Max Miller (of ‘Norton’) (1-800-569-8716) – he fixed my problem but then passed me on to Alex (of Assured Guard Corp 1- 844-210-4601) to fix network problems. I was told that 10 people were using my network. Hours and a couple of days later computer was ‘fixed’ – I paid them $262.36 for fixing computer – and $199.99 for a service contract (which they did send copy) for one year – protecting network. On May 1, 2020 I got a call (David from Assured Guard Corp 1 -571-250-8260) saying due to virus they were refunding money because they couldn’t provide service due to cutbacks, etc. and were shutting down. I listened until he wanted me to open up my bank site. I refused to do that. My computer worked fine the rest of that day – next morning I turned it on and was shut out – wouldn’t accept my password or security questions. Contacted a computer tech – took it to him on Monday – he said there were 3 ‘back doors opened’ – he closed – got the computer up and running. Note: the 3 men I talked with had heavy accents – Indian (country) accents. I don’t know where they were calling from.

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