Not stated

Jillian –

Victim Location 76903

Type of a scam Tech Support

Message recorded per answering system. Stated computer protection plan was being renewed and charge of $300 would appear on credit card unless canceled within 24 hours. 1-872-215-9031

Larry –

Victim Location 90275

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

I keep getting automated calls from this number saying…

"This is your final notice. If you do not act soon, Medicare will label you ineligible for coverage. Press 1 now to speak with me or another pain specialist, or press 9 to be put on the Do Not Call list."

I never have answered this call, which originates from Pixley, CA – the call is probably just masked with this number based on the fact that I used to live in the 559 area code.

Geoffrey –

Victim Location 96706

Type of a scam Employment

Called in regards to employment possibility and educational advising. Asked to verify information on application such as level of education and background.

Daniel –

Victim Location 37377

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Received an automated phone call congratulating me after 6 months of observation of my credit card usage. Now I qualify for extremely low rates, just press 1 to give your card numbers to the service associate. Problem is they called a business line for BCBST, not associated with any single person.

Edward –

Victim Location 28539

Type of a scam Phishing

The person called and asked if they were speaking to me, by my name. I asked them who is this. They then asked can you hear me now. That is when my husband went nuts and shouted no and I hung up.

Lee –

Victim Location 47546

Type of a scam Other

They called and left a voicemail. It was a male’s voice. The number he said in the voicemail matched the call to my phone. Here’s the transcript:

"This is a documented call on record. You are hereby notified that we need to speak with you or your retained attorney immediately regarding an ongoing investigation. In the event we do not speak with you in the office today, we will document that you waive your right to counsel and submit your file to the state. Govern yourself accordingly, and good luck. You can reach me or any of my associates at 440-682-0913."

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