Notion cash

Gabriel –

Victim Location 46227

Type of a scam Employment

Promise d money by a certain date and never came in. Wanted to ask questions and never answered or gave a number to call

Martin –

Victim Location 89015

Type of a scam Employment

Notion Cash promised to pay if I completed task such as: sign up to various sites and refer individuals to their site. I completed the task plus sent them to my Facebook but never got paid. I’m owed $750 to this day. They were supposed to send that amount to my PayPal account. Beware of this company.

Daisy –

Victim Location 44128

Type of a scam Employment

They make you do task and say they will pay you for them but when it comes time to get paid it doesn’t seem to pay you and there is no contact info like phone numbers or email it’s just a live chat link that no one answers and I just googled and it said from another complaint that they be collecting personal information but don’t pay for the task they make you do and the invoices for them be fake

Abigail –

Victim Location 33015

Total money lost $300

Type of a scam Employment

This company has not paid multiple people when task are done. You get an invoice with amount and date it due to payout. Like others when the dAy came to payout, Notioncash never did . But it says I was paid both of my invoices. Want people to don’t waste you time this company will lie to you and dont pay out

Krystle –

Victim Location 32792

Type of a scam Employment

This company claims to pay you for downloading apps with a cash out amount of 250. Website said I would be paid out 1Jul 19, it’s now mid August and nothing. Their chat is useless as it’s a bit and you don’t get any real feedback. They take your personal info like asking for PayPal user name or cash app or bank to receive payouts. Classic phishing scam

Bryan –

Victim Location 14131

Type of a scam Employment

I saw this notion cash on Facebook and I always try apps for surveys and get paid but this was just complete tasks and earn money, and also earn by doing referrals I did it and then no payment, I was very upset because I needed the 350 dollars that I had cashed out for

Alberto –

Victim Location 77032

Total money lost $250

Type of a scam Employment

I sighned up and did every task i was asked. I was informed i had to reach a minimum of 250.00 to cash out. I reach that minimum and when i cashed out the invoice was changed to paid but i never recieved a single penny. I reached out to the chat rep. And she said dont worry it takes a few days to go through and instructed me to keep doing tasks. Well its been months and still nothing.

Angelica –

Victim Location 49442

Type of a scam Employment

Scammed me to work for them and I never got any money only a fake invoice

Joe –

Victim Location 13090

Type of a scam Employment

After you complete $250 worth of tasks you request your payout. On the date it says your payout is due, you get a paid status but no deposits to the account. After several attempts to contact them I keep getting told they will look into it. No resolution. It’s a well put together website but no payouts.

Andre –

Victim Location 85338

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Hello so I wanted to earn some money to pay my dogs pet bill this site promised that after 1 month at midnight I would receive here I am on the day and I still have not Received The money I was promised now her bill can’t be paid we were supposed to do something that we might not be able to do.

Regina –

Victim Location 53018

Total money lost $350

Type of a scam Online Purchase

It started out as a student just trying to get some extra cash by doing surveys, downloading apps, etcetera. I currently use apps that do this, and truly pay out, but NotionCash does not. I reached their $350 dollar threshold and expected to be paid by PayPal 4 weeks later, as it said "$350 Available by: July 25th." I haven’t received 1 cent of this promised payment. I’m looking into seeing if I’m able to sue the company as they’ve been up actively scamming numerous people.Can you help?

Omar –

Victim Location 12306

Type of a scam Employment

Notion Cash is a fake app that allows you to believe you’re earning money for tasks that you complete as well as being others to join for you to earn 15 dollars and new members to get started with 25 once you complete the tasks and reach your payout goal you will not get the funds your promised and the support team that they have is a joke nobody ever returns your messages and it’s a complete waste of time both times my account was supposed to be credited to my PayPal and nothing it is a huge scam don’t even bother you’ll never get anything they take your personal information and now I have companies calling me from different parts of the country I never signed up for be careful

Erica –

Victim Location 43204

Type of a scam Employment

Notion cash says if you complete a task you will receive money when you reach $250 you can cash out (pay pal, bank account cash app ect.) You have to wait 4-6 weeks to receive money well when the day comes it says it paid you when in fact it really doesnt. There is no one but computers to talk to who give you same answers each time. Its a scam and waste of time!

Manuel –

Victim Location 46816

Type of a scam Other

This site offers to pay you money for doing tasks. It says it takes 6 weeks to verify and deliver the money to the appropriated account. When the time comes for your funds to be delivered you 1- don’t get paid and 2- get completely ignored by customer service. No matter what you say you will not get paid. Do not even log in to this website. They steal all of the information you provide. They have done this exact same thing to thousands of people. I wish I would have done my research before even thinking they were legit. I figured it was just another survey site.

Diana –

Victim Location 23872

Total money lost $9

Type of a scam Employment

Notion cash will get you to complete a bunch of "tasks" and never pay you. It has been a month since i requested my $250 payout and it still has not been deposited into my paypal. I reached out to notion cash twice about this and they are not responding at all.

Tammy –

Victim Location 46062

Total money lost $250

Type of a scam Other

I ran across a YouTube video claiming you could make money completing simple task. I signed up and reached the minimum payout amount which was supposed to be deposited into my account July 15th at midnight. I contacted their "customer service representative", which I’m 100% sure is a bot, but received no response. I don’t use social media, but I went to their Facebook page and found that no one has ever been paid. This website needs to be shut down. They’ve done this before (3 times from what I was able to find) and simply shutdown, change the name and come back stealing more unsuspecting people’s info and passwords. More needs to be done to make sure fraudulent sites like these aren’t stealing identities from people who are already struggling and trying to make legit money.

Savannah –

Victim Location 90047

Type of a scam Employment

This company claims to send out payments for online tasks. I was supposed to be paid $250 2 days ago via cash app. The website says I was paid but there’s nothing in my cashapp.

Katie –

Victim Location 08401

Type of a scam Employment

Claim to pay for task completed gives date then no response they steal your personal info an never pay but hope you pass on to steal your identity

Paula –

Victim Location 32817

Total money lost $250

Type of a scam Employment

So notion cash is a scam it’s "supposedly" a high paying survey site. If you go on there it does have high amount for tasks but you dont get paid. You have to make at least $250 then request payout. Then wait 4-6 weeks. Today, July 1 was my pay out day thru my PayPal and I got nothing. I went to the website to the online chat asked why I didn’t get paid the response was you have to wait 4-6 weeks I answered back with I waited and July 1 is payout day. The person ended the chat. So there you have it they are frauds, scammers so don’t sign up. The positive that you see on the site is fake dont waste your time. They need to be shut down so they don’t continually to manipulate people for their personal gain. **BEWARE**

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