Jesse –

Victim Location 53150

Total money lost $58

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial contact was an ad that said the this was developed by Robin ***. They advertise as Robin *** product, then you get to their website and there is nothing about Robin *** at all. Novabelle offers a 12-day trial, which to me means 12 days worth of product, a small container of cream, for 4.95 which is the shipping and handling. Fair enough to give it a try. The package it comes in the mail has no packing slip, no receipt, no information to contact them, which was a little strange. After 12 days I was charged 97.99 to my debit card, which the fact I was going to be charged was not made clear, nor was the amount made clear. I called the morning of the charge, 8-10 hours after my "12-day trial" ended, and too bad, I was charged that 97.99 because I didn’t call 10 hour earlier. So I thought they are charging me 97.99, so they are sending me an actual supply? No the sample in the mail, is what you get for 97.99. Customer service is very difficult to work with, and understand. They just keep repeating the same line about the trial and that is why I was charged. They offered me $30.00 refund. I said I would return the container so I could get a full refund, especially since it does not do what they claim it to do. They said no. They would accept the container and offer a full refund, just 10 hours earlier, but not now. I asked to speak with supervisors, managers, and they have no authority. They can only offer $40.00 maximum refund. I would never pay $100 for an eye cream. Not even the $58.00 ultimately that I was charged. Also, they will keep charging you if you do not cancel. That is not made clear either. I find this company to have horrible ethics, very untrustworthy and not worth my business EVER! If you plan to do business with them, which I would not recommend, be aware.

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