Novan Yorkies

Alexandra –

Victim Location 89703

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I found this website as I am looking to buy a teacup Yorkie. I inquired on 1 of 4 that were for sale. Within 1 min I received a text back stating to check my email. I received an email from [email protected] he claimed that him and his wife used to be breeders and have decided to no longer breed they had four puppies left and decided to adopt them out to good homes each puppy for adoption was $450 and then they asked a bunch of questions about our home businesses etc. I then received another text stating as soon as I was done with the email to text him back and let him know which I did. He then proceeded to say he’ll ship the dogs out to me tomorrow morning and it was going to be $900 in shipping along with another $800 for two dogs I asked him to send me a video of the dogs he responded that he would in the morning. This morning I receive videos of dogs that were not even the same dogs for adoption. When I asked him to place the dog on his lap or on today’s newspaper he became extremely irate and said all I wanted was the dogs video which he did. When I responded that I need to verify he wasn’t a puppy scam he became even more irate and said that maybe I was going to use his videos for a puppy scam! When I told him that his website address had been acquired three days ago out of Panama and was reported online as a puppy scam he did not respond. When I told him I too was going to report him he responded with haha haha and I could try.

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