Nina –

Victim Location 30016

Type of a scam Employment

I was on facebook group called mom and dads work from home where people post jobs. I women had posted a job saying her company Novartis pharmaceuticals was hiring for remote data entry for $21/hour so I reached out to her. I gave her my number and I got a text message from the human resources manager. Asked me interview questions then said I would make a great fit for the company. She then went on to say I needed a company that I was going to order through a vendor and the company will send me the money to pay for the computer which will be overnight it to me once I ordered it with all the software downloaded. She also claimed they would take care of my credit card bills. She then asked me for my bank information so she could send the check. Even wanted my pin number to deposit the check. I said heck no send it to the bank. I knew something didn’t seem right but went along to see how far this would go. 2 weeks later I received the fed ex package with the check but with a different company name called Blaze Technical Services. The check almost looked real but didn’t have a watermark as checks usually do. I asked why the name change she said Novartis is in partnership with them. I new something was up. I went to the bank and gave the teller the check she then asked what job was this for and said that it was a fake check. I told her I new something was wrong that’s why I came in. I’m glad I did. I called the Blaze company to warn and they have had several people call them all over the U.S.about the same thing. I told the scammer that the check was fake and not to contact me again.

Andrea –

Victim Location 72401

Type of a scam Employment

There is a scam going around on Novartis claiming that they are training you to be a medical transcription-est. They claim to send send you a check by email that they want you to deposit by mobile phone into your account. Then pay someone for the software to be loaded on to a laptop that "they provide" I did not fall for it as I showed my back and instantly told me it was a scam. So just be careful on online home jobs.

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