Novobiotic Pharmaceuticals

Caroline –

Victim Location 32127

Type of a scam Employment

I applied for a remote position on Angel’s List. I’ve worked remote positions before and never had a situation such as this. I was contacted through Angel’s List that they would like to interview me. I was interviewed via google hangout and got the position. Once I got the position, I begin to work under a supervisor names Nathan darrow via google hangout. They would email me tasks to do, I would complete them and then return the task vi pdf to the email.

They then send me two checks totaling over $8000 to buy my home computer equipment and my sign on bonus, which seemed excessive. The checks weren’t from Novobiotic, they were from a beverage company and a bbq place. I called both places and informed them that fraudulent checks were being issued under their business name. Luckily, I know a scam when I see once and avoided it, however, some people might get themselves into trouble.

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