Nu Cards, ie, Metro Delivery

Curtis –

Victim Location 80005

Type of a scam Home Improvement

NuCards "move-in gift" arrived on front porch. It was a box of coupon gift cards that needed to be activated to be used. I wasn’t interested and did not call to activate. However, a missed delivery notice arrived that looked similar to a US post office tag stating that it was their second attempt at a delivery. I called the number on the notice, unfortunately. It turned our to be the NuCard people! I think my phone call gave them my phone number and although I did not give consent to be on their advertising list, I immediately began receiving solicitor phone calls. I asked how they had recieved my number and they indicated from NuCards. I can’t ignore unknown numbers since I have a lot of medical calls that come in from doctors and therapists in the area due to my daughter’s illness. Guessing if the caller is going to be a neurologist or a salesperson is one more stress that I don’t need.

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