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Jake –

Type of a scam Utility

On Sunday may 12 2019 at approx 1:15 pm, a man by the name of Ahmed showed up telling my dad that the company that provided our furnace work had gone bankrupt and that they had bought out the contracts and that they would be doing the maintenance of the furnace. He told my dad that we did not have to pay our original company (one dealer financial) and that the payments would be made to them. He asked for a void cheque and my dad did not have one. He then said he be back the next day to install a filter and to collect the void cheque. On that evening I called Ahmed to have him explain this new contact to me. He told me the same thing he had told my dad. I told him I did not understand and want to see him in person. The next day a man employed by them showed up to install the filter, I asked for Ahmed as he was to see me, he went to his truck to call Ahmed and the just drove away. On Tuesday I called our original company (one dealer financial) and they said they had not been bought out and that this company does not have anything to do with them. Then I called ahmed and told them what one dealer financial said and he said they were lying and I said he did not show up like I asked. I told him I did not want his business multiple times. I told him this is a fraud and we dont want it. He then hung up and have not heard from this comapny since. My father is a senior and he cannot read or speak english. This man took advantage of him. Thank goodness my father did not give any banking information.

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