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Type of a scam Home Improvement

My husband signed up with Simply Comfort, the Furnace scam in 2016. Last week a fellow showed up at our door for a maintenance inspection, we let him in. Then last night a fellow by the name of Donny Yasmin showed up at our door asking for my husband by name, he let him in and told him that when our furnace was installed it wasn’t properly done and should have had two more components on it and this would make it more efficient, and make our heating bill much lower and it would take the air bubbles out of the water so when they read the water meter it would be a lower and better reading. He asked a lot of personal questions and he was pressuring us to sign for only 109.99 plus GST a month he would waive the installation fee, of 900.00 and it would be for 120 months which works out to be 115.48 monthly for 10 Years, total amount would be 13,857.60; my husband bought it hook line and sinker, I on the other hand am not a person to jump at door, to door, offers. My husband asked him for his Driver’s License and he wouldn’t show it to us, said it was in the car and couldn’t show it to us because it was illegal. He also said as the Simply Comfort was in my husbands name he would put the contract in my name alone and told us to stop payment on our account to simply comfort and to start paying his Company for the upgrade. We would actually save money. He had no business card and didn’t even have our phone number. He gave us a 568-9357 phone number he had for us, which wasn’t close to our number in any way. When they say who they are I would suggest just telling them, you are not interested and close the door.

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