Nutanix Company

Jennifer –

Victim Location 46205

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Employment

After submitting my resume on Indiana Career Connect I was contacted via txt message about a possible job opportunity with Nutanix for a job position Administrative Assistant/Data Entry. I replied with my interest of scheduling an interview and I got a reply telling me to contact the interviewer on Google Hangouts. I proceeded to do the interview and after the interview I was told I would be receiving an email on whether or not I got the job or not. I got the job and included were an NDA form as well as a Job Offer Sheet. I was told to print these forms, sign them, scan and email back to my Online Supervisor once again via Google Hangouts. Once I got in contact with the Online Supervisor he was telling me about the job and the training. I was told I would be working from home and they’ll be paying me to get supplies for me to have my own home office. As well they would be sending me a MacBook with the programs uploaded so that I can work from it. Sounded reasonable enough. Thing was they asked me if I was able to purchase a $100 Amazon Gift card. i was not at the time but that didn’t matter. They sent me a check via email for $2,400.00. I had to print it from a color printer which, that I did not have. I went to a FedEx Office to do so which cost me $10.69 for the use of the computer and printing the colored copies. I made an online deposit and my bank made $200 from the deposit available immediately while placing the rest on hold. Once I told my online supervisor of this he told me to now purchase 2 $100 Amazon Gift Cards. After purchasing them I was instructed to take a picture of the cards’ codes and the receipt. I did this and sent them to him. Also throughout these past couple days I was in "training" and was emailed training assessments by this Online Supervisor that were due each day. How I found out this was a scam was when I did a Google search of "Nutanix Job Scam". Scrolled down to see a post about Gmail/Hangouts Job Scam. Come to find out there were others who being scammed just like me for the same thing. Also I checked my bank account and my bank returned the check because of it being fake and I now have an overdraft because of it. Hopefully this will all be resolved with my bank but until then that is where I’m at.

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