Melody – Apr 25, 2020

I’m in the same boat. I called to shut it off and it still came. They referred it to their support who has responded with the email promised. I’m still out $179.

Ross – Apr 25, 2020

NOT responded

Kayla –

Victim Location 08609

Type of a scam Credit Cards

This company was advertising a product called COGNITIVA on a trial promotion for $5.99 stated if not, satisfied you would not have to pay the full amount $89.94 if you did not call within two weeks before the trial ends. I received a 30-day Supply of the product called. COGNITIA. At the time I I realized I was having problems with this . I called the company within time frame set by the company , but I was informed I would STILL be charged the balance of the initial amount. I said that was not the initial agreement. They stated at that time, they would still deduct that stated amount from my account. Upon checking my account they did not have their name the their name posted upon the initial payment, but UPS deduction ove $5.99 cents for the trial fee , my Bank informed me that because UPS deduction, they could send back on another address withdrawal and still deduct that amount from my account, for what should have been a trial offer agreement. The bank stated to counter this, have them set up a protection against any orders coming under UPS or the name of the company but it would cost me a $30 possible overdraft fee for overdraft protection. I definitely feel this offer was a scam offer.

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