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Claire –

Victim Location 99507

Type of a scam Investment is an internet business that requires a membership and if you want to make more $$ then you can recruit others so it works like a pyramid.

I received an email link of from *** *** who was a customer of my husband along with a letter of recommendation for the work that my husband *** did on his property. He told my husband to check it out and if were interested to contact him and his friend that I dont know of for more information about the company. I know that *** *** is not computer advanced to conduct a search on online companies because he has a friend who help him with simple computer navigation.

The CEO and founder of the One Coin is DR RUJA IGNATOVA who was the 2012 business woman of the year in Bulgaria. On my own research there is an article also published online: <span title="… />
could you please help me with this because I strongly feel that my husband customer who is in his late 70ies is being scammed.

I will send him the scam article that I found online but I need more proof to send him. I dont know how much money he has invested in this online business.

I need help with verifying this OneCoin virtual currency business.

Thank you

*** ***

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