Claudia –

Victim Location 11756

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I am selling my vehicle and posted it on cars.com. I got a call from 716-730-5960 which shows up as a NY number and it was a gentleman that quickly asked are you still selling your vehicle. After I responded yes, the phone quickly hung up. I got a text immediately after from them saying they were sorry their phone cut out but they wanted me to get a VIN check from originalvinn.com and send it to the email address, [email protected] so that we can set up an appointment immediately. I knew something was off as I googled (on a computer not by clicking the link he sent) originalvinn.com and only originalvin.com (only one N) showed up. Playing stupid, I asked if they were in the area and how they saw the listing for the car. They responded by saying once they get a copy of the background check they can meet me with cash. I’m 100% certain this is a scam. I’ve not clicked any of the links but would advise anyone selling a vehicle to beware of these scammers.

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