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Logan – Oct 23, 2020

Hi! I’m glad I found this information since I’ve been researching a company named Fouray Foundation (Fouray.net) and it’s exactly the same company as Oriold offering jobs as Fundraising Assistant with the locations in Quebec, CA and Helena, MT that you described. None of the team members listed on the website are in Linkedln or online so I started to get suspicious. They sent me the contract to sign immediately without even a formal interview which is too good to be truth so I had to do a deep google search and found the name Oriold in google history tied to Fouray. I guess “Angela” is now Dadiane Marcheterre and when I called the Canada office she responded from a Canada number area code even though she called me from a Montana number area code so be aware. They are insisting that I complete and sign the contract “by hand” and scan it back to them or take a photo along with complete the direct deposit including my bank account info or void check…and of course once they have my signature and bank account # who knows what they are planning to do. Thank you so much all of you for posting this information!

Meredith – Aug 27, 2020

I too had the same E-mail near the Aug 20th, I was on vacation when I received them but I contacted The manager and went ahead with the Job thinking It would help me during this pandemic.
At that time, I was travelling arround montreal and Quebec,the location they announced they are there,I decide to take a visit to the office before I started to work. The location is a big mall with many stores and offices, I tried to figure out where the office is but failed. No one knows the charity, and the manager Angela did not answer my emails.Since then, she got disappeared,no email and the phone never picked up.
So I get curious and start to search the information about the charity they claimed, no more item can be found other than the others complained,we were all been frauded.

Ross – Aug 19, 2020

I too had the same E-mail near the end of July, I was on vacation when I received them but I contacted The manager and went ahead with the Job thinking It would help me during this pandemic.

So I started work for them and It started out pretty good, I was doing research and donation letters for them, as well as plotting out articles for them to post on their website, doing quite a bit of work from home and thinking “Great I can finally start saving money”

I worked for them for 3 weeks, and they are NOT a Real Charity, for one when I first saw their website, they were not partnered with the government of canada, but added it in later.

Two, when I was doing research, the main hit I get was THIS article on them right here.

I then contacted the Charities Directorate, and they could not find this organization in their database and cited this article as well. I got the same result when contacting the BBB, and CRA.

the BIGGEST red flag was part of the job I would receive E-Transfers from donors, take a commission off the donation then deposit the remaining funds into a Bitcoin ATM near my home.

I have since reported this Charity to my local Police, as well as the CRA and I have had to put fraud alerts on my file with Equifax and Transunion as a result.

My pay was not deposited, and when I asked about it, the manager Angela said it takes 3-4 business days to be deposited, anyone who has had Direct deposit with work knows unless you are receiving benefits from the government that is BS.

so now I am back to job hunting and I now need to alert all I can about this…

By the way my final e-mail to Angela was:

Hey Angela;

I was just curious as to how new or old this foundation is, as there is very little about the foundation to be found online other than the website.

How did Oriold come to be? And how long has this charity been operating, what are some achievements are you registered with the Government of Canada? Stuff that might attract more donors to the foundation to ease suspicion they might have before donating to a relatively new Charity.

I sent this in on August 18th 2020 since then NO reply.

By the way, I traced the IP of where the Emails were coming from, Amazon might be interested in this info.

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Nathaniel – Oct 23, 2020

Hi! I just reported that Oriold is now Fouray (Fouray.net) with same exact addresses in Canada and Montana that you indicated, same phone numbers and same website and articles but just changed their name to Fouray. Angela is now Didiane Marcheterra. I did exactly the same searches that you did and same results. It took me a while to find the link between Oriold and Fouray in a google search history. Thank you for your posting since it helped me identify this scam website. I replied to Heaven who also reported Oriold with more details on my experience with them this week.

Shaun – Aug 12, 2020

I had a similar email from Angela Martin at this “non-profit” mentioning an offer of a position as a Fundraising Agent. Yes, there seems to be no trace of this organization beyond its website. I searched the name “Oriold” on the Government of Canada website that lists all registered charities and it doesn’t show up at all.
I also looked at the source code from the email and the message ID ends with “@email23.godaddy.com” and the origin seems to be:
[email protected]

This is most certainly a scam.

Tyler – Aug 11, 2020

I had the same impression, was also contacted by them, I think they post fake job adverts on facebook jobs.

This is the e-mail:

“Thank you for your interest. The Oriold Foundation seeks a dynamic and
effective Fundraising Agent whom will report to the Senior Manager.
Please read the position description carefully.
This is 100% Remote Job Canada.
As a non-profit organization, we rely on philanthropy to expand access
to care, enhance our patients ’experience, enable innovation and improve
health outcomes.
The daily tasks of the Fundraising Agent will look like writing content
for our projects, to encourage potential donors to donate funds, write a
donation request letter, accept donations and buy medicines and
equipment for our ongoing projects.

Full-time basis: 9 am – 5 pm (fixed working hours)
Part-time basis: 20 hours per week (flexible working hours)


Full-time basis: $ 2,400 / biweekly
Part-time basis: $ 1,200 / biweekly
Plus a bonus for every donation. The bonus depends on the size of the

Trial period: 30 days
Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
Write donation page content that drives action takers to give to Oriold
Craft effective online appeals to raise money from individuals
Will provide support for digital fundraising strategy development
Handle high-volume transactions both in-kind donations and in cash
Payment equipment and medicines at the expense of donations through bank
payments or Bitcoin
Required Skills:
– High school diploma or equivalent required
– Excellent verbal and communication skills
– Strong organizational skills
– An interest in improving the lives of others
– Prior fundraising experience (preferred)
– Digital communications
– Internet access and computer from home
– Travel within the city, approximately 20-30%

If you are interested in this position, in response to this letter, I
ask you to send me your updated resume and an indication of what type of
working time you are applying for.
Let me know if you receive further questions. I’ll be waiting for your

Best Regards,

Angela Martin
Senior Manager

Oriold Foundation”

Jesus – Aug 06, 2020

Victim Location 28112

Type of a scam Employment

I received an email from a so called manager of the company, offering a "fundraising agent" position. The salary is $4800/mo plus commission. After filling out an application I researched the company and there is absolutely nothing about them. The website is very professionally done but other than that, nothing. None of the executives shown on the site have Linkedin profiles. There is no answer when calling the phone numbers and when someone called me, caller ID came up as unknown and the person on the line had a foreign accent. They sent an employment contract and direct deposit form to fill out and send back, which I did not. The address in Helena Montana is a church and the Quebec address looks like some sort of shopping mall on Google. I’m pretty confident that this is a scam trying to get personal information. Also, the website itself, trying to steal money from people who would donate to worthy causes.

Jacquelyn – Aug 13, 2020

I, in turn, also received a letter with a job offer from the Foundation manager. However, I accepted the offer and signed the contract that they sent. At first I was worried about whether I was in that place, but after I received the first promised salary in accordance with the contract, I was convinced that this was a real job. During this time, I have already received payment on time twice in accordance with the contract and am going to continue working with Oriold.
Due to the pandemic, it is now very difficult to find remote work. I’m glad that I agreed to work with them.

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