Jimmy – Aug 30, 2020

Victim Location 78254

Total money lost $299

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I don’t normally post reviews but I don’t want what happened to me to happen to anyone else. I wanted to purchase a pair of sneakers, and his website had them at retail value so I reached out and asked if they were authentic. He said they were but I was hesitant to purchase them. I should of trusted that feeling, but I really wanted them so I bought them. Some time had passed and didn’t have them so I reached out and checked the status. They didn’t have it. First indication. They are based out of California so I didn’t think it should’ve taken that long to send them out. Few more weeks went by, he said they were sent by dhl and provided a tracking number.

I kept checking the tracking number and dhl said that it couldn’t be found. I kept reaching out and they told me it was out of their hands at that point. Several days pass by still no shoes, and the tracking number still wasn’t pulling up the order. I finally get the tracking number, it was totally different then the one the give me. I finally get the shoes and they’re the wrong size. I reach out to them, they say they’ll send me another pair. I ask them for the return address and I just would like a refund. They don’t want to give me a refund, and insist on giving me another pair. It’s been two months and I have yet to receive a refund or another pair of shoes. When I say don’t buy from them, DONT BUY FROM THEM!!! You won’t get your item or your money

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