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Henry – Aug 12, 2020

I had a similar experience as the post above by Private1596635476.

I received the following text from 256) 686-5644:

Hello, I am Mr Joshua Cramer from Osmosis – Knowledge Diffusion Inc.. Your resume has been reviewed from indeed.com/Zip Recruiter/ Linkedin, you have made it to the NEXT STEP for the job opening for Data Entry/Administrative Assistant Position. Are you interested ?

I thought it was odd but entertained it and got the following text back:

Okay, Invite Mrs Shirley Tigner On Gmail Hangout with([email protected]) or kindly setup a Gmail account (www.gmail.com) while you proceed by downloading google hangout (www.google.com/hangouts). Your Job ID is (KEI-KOH0037).She will be expecting to hear from you soon.

Best of Luck
I made contact with “Shirley Tigner” and just copy and pasted her chat below:

Hi,Before we proceed further I would love to know more about you. That
would help where to categorize you and how best to interview you. I am
Mrs Shirley Tigner Age 39. and Interview Manager of Knowledge Diffusion
Inc Please introduce yourself indicate your location?
I am Kerry Driver and I reside in FL
These are the requirements for the Job…
-Must be fluent in communication and English
-Must have a clear criminal charges
-Must be atleast 40wpm average
-Must be above 18years

I believe you have no issues here?

Knowledge Diffusion Inc
Osmosis allows students to schedule how, when, and in what format they will access content to study. They can then integrate social media sites to communicate with other medical and health sciences program learners.

Osmosis is a strong choice for health sciences students who are looking for personalized study for board and program. The company partners with institutions to further personalize the online platform’s algorithms, integrating curricula and professional standards into students’ overall study plans. Extensive features include an adaptable study scheduler that embeds evidence-based, discipline, and topic peer-reviewed information that is appropriate for medical, dental, and nursing candidates. Tracts are also available for nurse practitioner and physician assistant students. Affordable individual and institutional based subscriptions are available, and certified curriculum specialists are on staff to further integrate institutional curricula and professional standards in the platform for subscribers and partners.

You can visit the company at http://www.osmosis.org/ for more information.You may review the website while we proceed … Okay?

This opportunity enables you to work from home for the main time until we set up a new office closer to your location, the pay is $16 per hour for the training and $27 per hour after training and will be get payment bi weekly via direct deposit or paycheck and the maximum amount you can work a week is 45 hours. ,if you are employed you are going to be working as a full employee

I believe working from home will not be a problem for you ?

Data Entry
Main duties and responsibilities is to enter data into computers. This data may be text and numbers. It may relate to customers, suppliers and manufacturers and may be scientific, technical, financial or sales-based. The computer system dictates the way the worker enters the data. The system requires data to be in a specific format so it can produce material such as invoices and analytical reports. Can you handle it ?

You will undergo training from your training supervisor, The first phase of your training will be centered on your mini-office set up and handling of tasks/assignments which will be done intermittently.

In the second phase, trainees will imbibe a direct-stringent approach in getting themselves acquainted with their office equipments (software & hardware) and company’s payroll system. Also will they be assigned special projects to work on.

Whether or not you have an assignment or task to carry out, you will be paid $27/hr for 40hrs-50hrs(Mon-Fri) as long as you are online during the stated training hours. “The primary reason behind your salary is being online during work hours”.

Note: The company handle all the fee for the working materials/softwares

Benefits: Health, Dental, Life and AD&D Insurance, Employee Wellness and 401k plans.Paid Time Off and Holidays with Generous Company Discounts, with sign up bonus.
Please answer the following questions as accurately as possible.

Have you ever worked from home or online before ? How many hours do you intend to dedicate to this job position daily?

How many years experience do you have in Data entry/Book keeping and
Customer Service/Receptionist?How many years experience do you have in
auditing reports?How many years experience do you have in sorting and
filing documentation?

Do you have a computer and a printer ?Are you currently employed ? And What Mobile Carrier do you make use of, Postpaid or Prepaid ?

What’s your clerical speed? Do you have an idea of how to use MS excel ?What is your highest educational diploma?When did you receive it?
How many years experience do you have in Data entry/Book keeping and Customer Service/Receptionist?How many years experience do you have in auditing reports?How many years experience do you have in sorting and filing documentation?

How long do you expect to remain employed with this company if hired? and Why Should we Hire You?

• How would you like to be Paid ? Weekly Or Bi-Weekly?
• What means of payment do you prefer ? Direct deposit , Check , Wire Transfer ?
• What Bank Do you Operate with to see if it tallies with the company’s official salary payment account ?

Well you have done well so far and you seem like a perfect fit for this position.

Hold on online while i send your answers to my superiors for review and consideration okay.

I am back now..the result for the interview is on my desk are you still available online?

Congratulations, your performance ensured you had a good score eligible for enrollment into our weekly routine training programmer. You scored 7.5 out of a possible 10. , you have just been confirmed qualified for this position
You are now offered the job position…you are HIRED!
You are welcome to (Osmosis – Knowledge Diffusion).
You are now given a chance to show your commitment, charisma, diligence and be a productive employee.=D> =d> =d> =d>

How do you feel now ?

I believe the company can count on your devotion?
It is mandatory you be online(Google Hangout/Skype) Every week day from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm during training and it is flexible (E.S.T). You will be given series of tasks/assignments on a day-to-day basis.

You will be placed on a 2weeks training which will take place online, 8am-2pm EST and 45 hours per week during work and it is flexible also, Mon-Fri through Skype…Note: You are not starting training tomorrow morning you just need to be online for just 1hr -2 hrs..You are advise to be here online by 9 am tomorrow morning so i can attach you to your training supervisor that will instruct you on the use of the software and he will be in charge of your duties.

This means As soon as your working equipments are available, My superior’s will reach you in person along with your Position offer-documents and your working paper’s. Also they will put you through our company guidelines under US Human Resources Laws and Regulations
You would be eligible to Benefits after 2 month of working with the company


In carrying out any assignment or task, a progress report has to be emailed weekly every Friday to me, as well time sheet. The training would be administered online, this is an Internet based position(work from home), and the base pay is $16 per hour. After training, its $27 per hour.

You will be provided with the following office equipments below for the set up of your Online mini office at home:

Brand new Apple Laptop
All in one printer,scanner and fax machine
Iphone X
Mini office stationaries

At no cost to you.

To enable you sit for this job and position there are working equipment and software’s which are required for this job and position this is because you will be working from home as all expenses are handle by the company, so there for the company will be sending you a check or Direct Deposit, this check or direct deposit will be for the purchase of all the working equipment that you need as you will be purchasing them from the company local vendor , method of purchase and means of payment will be made known to you when the check or direct deposit get to you, as you will be getting the check or direct deposit asap…You are advise to Add Mr
DilWorth Giddens your supervisor 9am tomorrow morning using Skype, Here is the information You need While adding (live:.cid.baab31f921776592) You are to Email me or chat me up on hangout once you add him Tomorrow he will be in charge of your duties is that clear?

Explain to me what you understand in the last paragraph.

In the mean time i need you to provide me with these following information to enable the company’s secretary’s department put you into register. Full names, state, city, address, zip code, Email address and cell #

I declined to share any info and sent a link to this page.

Albert – Aug 04, 2020

Victim Location 55306

Type of a scam Employment

A text message came in asking me to start a Google hangout with a [email protected] from Osmosis – Knowledge Diffusion. They said they found my resume on Indeed/ Linkedin and that I might be a good fit for a remote data entry position. There is a Hunter Workman listed on the Osmosis website as a recruiter. After asking me some general interview questions, they said I was a good fit, although it didn’t seem right. The person never asked for my resume, details were changing, and there were many grammatical and punctuation errors and other strange things about it such as saying my supervisor would be a Mr. Shirley Tigner. They said a check would come to me so that I could purchase the office equipment that would be needed to set up my home work station. I contacted Osmosis – Knowledge Diffusion and they haven’t gotten back to me yet. They asked for my bank name (I declined) and also asked for my general information (name, address, phone, email) after they "offered" me the job so that they could give it to their "secretary’s department."

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