Sierra –

Victim Location 91351

Type of a scam Credit Cards

my wife got an email from for NFL Jerseys at 80% off. I went on the web site and ordered three jerseys for approx. $100.00. I created an account to check out and input a credit card for the purchase. It appeared to be a legitimate shopping cart as it calculated shipping and even added a small amount for insurance. After clicking the purchase button, I got a message that said that the purchase failed. I felt suspicious before purchasing and then more so after. I called my credit card company to warn them that my card might have been compromised. They informed me that a purchased did just try to go through for $125.00 from an Electronic store which they blocked. I canceled that card and ordered another one.

Seth –

Victim Location 92392

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Website has no actual contact info. No phone number, address, or email. Also does no have customer reviews or links to any other valid site. My bank flagged it as a scam IMMIDIETLY. Charged one amount and the amount they attempted to withdrawl was more.

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