Renee –

Victim Location 78839

Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a phone call that my credit card was being charged $299.99 for a subscription. I was aware that my subscription to an anti-virus software was coming up but was not sure of the exact expiration date. I returned the call to and the person on the other line had a heavy accent and I thought I heard the name of the company where I had purchased the anti-virus software. When I told them I was not interested in renewing, the caller said they had to go into my computer to check if any security had been breached and to refund me the $299.99 charge. Although, I was skeptical, I went ahead and allowed the caller to connect to my computer.

When I was asked for my password to the computer, I declined but they said that was not a problem and proceeded to tell me that all I had to do was fill out a form required by the Better Business Bureau where I was asked basic information like name, address, phone nunber, bank name. At that time, I was asked for my account number and it was then that I fully understood that I was being scammed. I quickly hung up, turned off the computer and disconnected it from the wall. The caller called me back numerous times at which point I disconnected the phone. I don’t know what they did to the computer. It went blank for several minutes before I disconnected and I don’t know what they did while the screen was blank.

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