Brooke – Mar 20, 2020

Victim Location 37354

Total money lost $42

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I bought my son a ingraved wallet that he’s been wanting and was so excited about. It never showed up and they didnt answer emails or have a number at all to call. Do not order from this company it’s a rip-off!!



Molly –

Victim Location 33614

Total money lost $83.96

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I saw an ad from this site while playing Trivia on my phone. Checked the appearance of the products advertised and they looked appropriate to be Christmas gifts for our daughters. Placed order number #DH273004 paid and confirmed on Dec 2nd 2019 with expected delivery time in 10-15 buss days. Received notification order was "on the way" on Dec 4th stating wait 72 hrs for the first tracking event to be updated. On Dec 9th received email from "James" saying "We have finished preparing your order, waiting for carrier to pick it up" and "if in case shipment does not arrive in 21 buss days, then contact us". This called my attention as it was a change on the delivery time frame and about a week after first email. I contacted them with my concerns and "support" (instead of James) came to play providing a tracking number (LW266428736CN) and a site in China to track the order in Dec 10th. As soon as I received it I tried to track it and all the time I was getting "Tracking Number not found". After several backs and forth asking for a valid tracking number or the cancellation of the order and a refund request (always denied) it was not until Dec 22th when I received another email with a different tracking number (LS195976119CN), valid this time, which appeared to be moving (always from their own website, not from the carrier) since Dec 23rd up to Dec 25th where it got stuck (still there) in the status "Delivered to air transport" without saying anything else. I waited after the Holydays to re-contacted them asking for updates and again vague responses, promises it will be delivered sooner (already way beyond the promised delivered timeframe and very close to the 21 buss days originally required to start a claim). During the first days of January I received multiple replies to my continued requests of full refund, asking for patience as my order will be delivered sooner than later. On Jan 5th I received another email with apologies about extended delivery times due to large volume of shipments and offering a reimburse of 30%, and if the order is not delivered in another 15 buss days they will replace it at no cost. After my rejection of such bribery I received another email saying the same but this time apologizing for issues in the manufacturing department. Question here is, is the order in transit or not? My feeling they are trying to steal at least 70% of my money. I also found 4 complaints in the Better Business Buroe website identical situations like mine, apparently this is a well mounted schema to steal money (https://www.bbb.org/us/ca/commerce/profile/online-retailer/quartzily-1216-10848… -i wish i had found them before placing my order-. Incredibly on Dec 29th I received an email with a survey about the quality of the products "not" received. Some other people involved in the communications are self-identified as "Stella", "Cindy L Johnson" and "Amanda". I have dozens of email I can share with you if needed. Hopefully you can do something to stop this or at least warn people before they be scammed.

Tony –

Victim Location 37066

Total money lost $45

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Ordered the mother to daughter moon night light from their website. Paid through PayPal and they claim they have no record of my purchase even though I purchased it in November as a Christmas gift for my daughter. I sent them the TRANSACTION ID number and invoice number and they still say they have no record of it and to check with my bank to make sure it was them I bought it through. I sent them a screen shot of the PayPal receipt that specifically says Quartzily on there with my address and other info. They have stolen my money and my daughter’s Christmas gift, no doubt. So, I’m going to report it to my bank as fraud and hope I get my money back. Otherwise I’m out almost $50 for the one gift I wanted for my daughter. I think I’ll call our local news investigation also to expose them as well. They stole my money and committed fraud

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