Quemei blu inc . / quemei healthy.com

Andres –

Victim Location 84088

Total money lost $66

Type of a scam Identity Theft

These people are located in the Philippines can’t speak English when you call in . You call in to see why they are charging your card after your bank calls you do to fraud activity on my account . They laugh at you when asking questions threaten to come to your house . Say they have location trackers on the phone number you are using . Won’t tell you what type of company they are . I disputed two months worth of charges from them because of how bad they were . I have no clue to this day what they are from or what and how they got my card I hadn’t to cancel my bank account and get a knew one . When telling them it’s a law to refund if customer didn’t purchase he said to just cancel my account I know it’s a scam when you can’t tell me what type of Buisness your run online it said it’s a fitness company . BEWARE

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