Quick PC Expert

Audrey –

Victim Location 10021

Total money lost $499

Type of a scam Identity Theft

Computer experienced an alarming pop-up with loud siren noise indicating that my computer system had been hacked and I must call their telephone number or the computer would shut down. During the phone conversation, they repeatedly indicated that they were a Certified Microsoft Professional. They immediately accessed my system with no permission granted from me and began installing software for supposedly "network security", "hacking protection", and claimed that they encrypted my IP address. After downloading all of this software onto my computer, they asked for a fee of $499, to be paid by a Visa credit card. They did not tell me of the fee before they began accessing my system and installing these "security programs" I paid the amount and received an order confirmation from Econo Premium Support’s partner, Nexway Inc. Upon a follow up call with Marcus from Quick PC Expert, he assured me that their company was regulated under the data protection act and that the fee charged was a one time charge. Then the company gave me back control of my system. After the event, I researched Quick PC Expert and could not verify their Microsoft Certified Professional status or their existence on the Better Business Bureau. I also research Nexway, Inc and discovered over a dozen reports on the ScamPulse.com’s website proving that Nexway, Inc is operating under false pretense and has been installing malware and virus software then completely hijacking the computer system and demanding more money.

Dana –

Victim Location 44144

Total money lost $299

Type of a scam Credit Cards

I was looking at a recipe when a loud beeping noise came on with an alert that there was a security breech. My computer froze up and I couldn’t get out of it so I turned it off and waited awhile turned back on and still beeping and frozen. They had a number they said I should call immediately. The number was 1-844-516-4237. I called they said I had a virus that needed to be fixed right away because people were already getting my information. They said it would cost $299 to get rid of virus. I said that’s expensive and he said that’s the only way to get rid of virus. I said maybe I should go to Best Buy and he said no they will charge you more. I said what if I don’t do this will I still be able to use my computer and he said no. So they accessed my computer told me not to shut it off and that it might take an hour to fix. They charged my card and said it would be billed by Nexway. After it was fixed a couple hrs later I went o line to check Nexway and found out alot of people have been scammed. I immediately cancelled my credit card. I don’t know what else they might have done to my computer in that hr. but I woud like a refund of $299. I have Webroot on my computer and they told me not to renew it when it comes due. They said it does not take care of the virus.

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