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Haley –

Victim Location 22473

Type of a scam Tech Support

On 6/27/19 my husband was logging on to his bank website when a voice came out of the computer stating he had been hacked and someone was trying to take $1000 from his bank account to buy kiddie porn. A phone number on the screen urged him to call immediately for help. Unfortunately, he thought it was from the bank and he called the number. They said they could fix the problem and gave them credit card numbers to charge the $399 fee for a year of support. The first card declined the charge so he gave them a second card. When I came home and heard what happened I immediately called the credit card and initiated a fraud claim. I then called the bank and they also placed a fraud alert on the account and we will need to open a new account. They advised me to call other banks we used which I did and changed all our passwords for those accounts. My son in law is an IT Administrator and accessed my PC remotely and ran a malware scan and a cleaner and found no threats but the scammer had dropped several icons on my PC which he removed. I have also now received an email with an invoice attached and a warning to remove the chargeback fee by issuing a refund.

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