Quick Technical Support

Roberto –

Victim Location 48228

Total money lost $50

Type of a scam Tech Support

This issue started on December 22, 2018. It was on a Saturday. I was having issues with recovering an older gmail account, so I looked on the internet and saw a company called quick technical support. The website is called www.QuickTechnicalsupport.com. I called the number that was on the website for the U.S. and spoke to a representative. I told them about my issue with the email account and when I spoke to the individual they promised that they would recover my account. The representative gave the reason that I was unable to recover my gmail account because of internet or email portals that were blocked. I was told that to continue with the support I should to go to a drugstore such as CVS, and purchase five Google play gift cards that add up to $150. The individual was telling me to purchase these gift cards so that I could use the redeem codes to unblock the Google account. I needed five Google play gift cards because there were five account portals that blocked my email account. I was reminded that I would be refunded the money back to my account if it was set up on Google Play. I decided to proceed with the support, but I only purchased two Google Play gift cards, and they were in the amount of $25, with an entire total of $50. I called the representative back, but was told I would not be able to complete the support because of the amount that I had for the gift cards. I decided not to continue with the support at that time. One, I was not in agreement with the amount that the support was requesting. Two, I felt I was being pressured into continuing with the service. Lastly, I was told that I would be refunded the amount back to the gift cards. The next day on Sunday, I called the company back and asked for the individual that assisted me on Saturday, who told me that if I continued with the service, I would be refunded the money.

A week later I called on Wednesday and reported this incident to Google support, and was told that I experienced a possible scam. I called Google support a couple of times for a resolution, and was told to contact CVS corporate office about obtaining a refund. I called CVS corporate office, and the credit and debit department handled my case. I waited for a month for the department to look into this case. That was at the end of December going into the beginning of January. Lastly, I was told that CVS corporate was waiting for a reply from Google support. On February 18, 2019, I called Google support about the update for this case. I was suggested to go directly to the CVS store where the cards were purchased to obtain a refund, but the date was past the return policy. As of now I have not gone to the CVS store. Including Google support and CVS corporate I have submitted a complaint to www.IC3.gov and the Federal Trade Commission.

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