Quick Way Shipping

Dustin – Apr 10, 2020

Victim Location 44128

Type of a scam Employment

I was contracted to do remote shipping/receiving services. I had concerns but the local FedEx said that it was a common practice they had been seeing. I was accessing webofficeonline portal to recieve tracking numbers submit package pictures and send them out. I did not pay anything out of pocket but at the end of the month when I was scheduled to be paid the website in which I have been receiving and shipping packages from had become inaccessible to me. My login was discontinued and I did not get paid. I shipped 10 – 12 packages from laptops to clothing. New items. I guess the problem is I worked but I have not been paid for the work I did. I had been applying to jobs on pretty common job sites so when I recieved this offer from and indeed employer (or so it appeared) I gave it a shot because it was minimal risks. I was not asked to pay all shipping labels were sent via the web portal and that’s how I forwarded the packages. I believe this company Quick Ship Way is fraudulent.

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