Quick Wrench

Cassie –

Victim Location 80031

Total money lost $190

Type of a scam Utility

This mobile repair car company approached me on 7/10/2016 while sitting on the side of the road with my car because my car overheated. Charles stopped by my overheated car on the the side of the rode offered to help me and my family out. He quoted me 180.00 for a replacement thermostat. He returned 2-3 hours later in 95 degree weather after he went to get the part. Replaced the part and charged me 210.00, I refused to pay and we settled on 190.00.

The thermostat was installed and he assured me I can continue my drive, I instead opted to return home. I had to stop 3 times on the way home to let the car cool down in order to make it. I called him and he returned and began telling me it was my fan or it was my heater core and proceeded to look up up costs for parts of both items for a isuzu trooper (I have a suzuki). Added additional fluid and said he would be in touch tomorrow but thought it would be about $600-800 additional. I called him the next day 2 times no answer, so I took it to a mechanic my friend recommended who checked out the car and said the thermostat was incorrectly installed and not sealed properly all the fluid that was leaking was coming out from the casing. Of course he fixed it and it costed an additional 58.00 for more fluid and his labor. These people are predators. I gave him a bad review online and he proceeded to threaten me with a lien against my car for 20.00 and a criminal charge of slandering in the county I live in (posting my personal info on a the public Forum) if I didn’t remove it from the site.

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