QuickBooks Intuit IMPOSTER

Charlotte – Mar 18, 2020

Victim Location 53070

Type of a scam Phishing

Kasey called from a Los Angeles number 323-639-7877, on 03/10/20 stating she was our new Quick Books Account Advocate. She asked us to call her back so she coud serve us better. I called Quick Books and they told me no one should be calling me. The caller did not know our names either. Quick books gave me a case number. Today on 03/18/20 a guy said his name was Patrick and that he was my new Quick Books Account Advocate and he was calling from Reno Nevada.775-834-0056. I hung up on him. Next he emails me without the case number info that quicbooks has given me (Clue no. 1) and writes the following: He sees that I called intuit and called earlier about Kasey. He and Kasey both work for inuit at the Fredrickburg, VA location, which is Clue no.2. Neither called form that area code.He says they dont call for information because they were assigned to my account and that I can reach out to them, (not quickbooks) to verify they are employees. Clue no. 3- Said he was Patrick on the phone. His e-mail *** address is Timothy and his signature is Bobby Holzer. It looks like a legit email but I know it is not and I do nto want to open it.

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