Quickbooks Support

Tammy –

Victim Location 78748

Type of a scam Tech Support

I work for a small business that is having a problem with Quickbooks, our accounting software. I searched a problem we had in the official Quickbooks forums and someone had replied with this phone number. I see now that post has been taken off the forum.

When I called the number, the guys pretended to be Intuit (the company that makes Quickbooks). They had me go to a site where they could log in and see my screen remotely, and told me my problem was due to a corrupted company file and I needed a full Data Rebuild, but I had to purchase a $500 Advanced Support package for them to do that. When I balked they started saying the file could get even worse and in a week I might not even be able to log into the account, so I needed to act asap. Obviously this seemed like something I should not have to pay extra for and I even asked "are you Intuit?" and he said he was.

I think these guys may actually run a real business and help some people, because they seemed knowledgeable and used a reputable means of logging in remotely (LogMeIn123). But they are not Intuit, Intuit does not charge for tech support like this.

I went back and called another number listed for Quickbooks and got ahold of the the real support team, who logged into my account from the back end, told me it was a problem they’re already working on, and assured me it would be fixed or I’d get an email within 24 hours.

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