Emily –

Victim Location 78255

Total money lost $347

Type of a scam Tech Support

While bringing up my Quicken 2016 software, a msg came up saying there was an update to my software, do you want to allow? (this is typical to fix patches). When I said "yes", a msg came up and said, "my data has been comprosided and lost!". I called the 1-800 support # and got an Indian stating that my laptop had been hacked and my data was gone. Then he passed me to a technical "data" support person who was also Indian and he stated for a three-year fee of over $300 for data support, he could recover my data. I was livid! He was a salesman. I had no choice but to agree to the "ransom" fee and then he passed me back to a person in California who took control of my laptop thru teamviewer and i watched as he wiped ALL of my history and what they had done to my laptop drive. I am a 43 year careered software engineer and saw what they did. In 25 minutes, they installed a new version of Quicken 2017 and all of a sudden my data "appeared again"! I called them back and asked for a supervisor and told him they scammed me into giving them more money for a product I had already purchased every year. He said it wasn’t a scam but it sure damn was. They are very crooked people and are hijacking people’s software and forcing them to pay "data" support fees when I have already paid them last year, software support fees! They are ripping people off terribly and something needs to happen to stop them from doing this!

Alexandra –

Victim Location 66030

Type of a scam Identity Theft

I was having issues with my quicken program email feature. I googled the phone number for quicken customer service and called. I explained the issue to the man, and he recommended that we screen share. I allowed remote access to my computer. He began telling me that I had a virus or Trojan of some sort and needed to pay for additional support services. He offered me packages ranging from $100-500. I agreed to the $100 package because he told me that about 60% of my computers files had already been affected. That’s where things got fishy. He wanted me to provide the log in information for my bank accounts. I refused and said I was planning on paying with a credit card. He then asked for my credit card log in information. I quickly ended the remote access and phone call. Found the phone number for quicken on the software packaging and they told me it wasn’t quicken I was speaking to.

I feel as though there is enough information on my computer that I could now be a victim of identity theft. I’ve called my bank/credit card companies and even the credit agencies to help protect myself.

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