U.C.M Associates

Theodore –

Victim Location 65648

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a call Friday afternoon (missed it) but was left a voicemail, using my maiden name, which I havent used in 2 years. (The call showed up as "restricted") In the v.mail it was shared that if I didnt call back within 72 hours they would be showing up either at my home or place of employment to give me a subpoena, of course this FREAKED me out. I’ve NEVER had any record of being in trouble, through the court systems, or any citations, so I was WORRIED. The number that was given wasnt even the actual number to connect to this restricted call, but to another facility. Anyway, they wanted me to pay $501.68 right off the bat. I explained that I didnt have that kind of money, they badgered me about getting SOMEONE to pay them TODAY. (RED FLAG). I explained further that i dont have that money, so then she proceeded to tell me that if it wasnt taken care of the prosecuting firm was going to show up at my place of employment. That the company filing the lawsuit had attempted to reach me numerous times. I asked for them to clarify the address, they had my old addresses, but didnt ask for my current address when I told them I do not live at either of those places. (RED FLAG).

Then today, Monday, I got another call, from the restricted number again. I asked her to verify who she had listed as my place of employment, since she was threatening to show up again, and the lady hung up on me. I have done a bit of research, and I am not the only person they have tried the VERY same thing, same wording and everything, to. I’m tired of them calling! So I’m reporting!

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