U.S. Department of Family and Human Services

Beth –

Victim Location 87111

Total money lost $5,000

Type of a scam Government Grant

My sister in Albuquerque was told by an old school friend that she (friend) had received money through this grant. Tax free for personal use. She also received another message from another school friend stating the same. She thought it was legit. She called me to tell about this free grant money and I have been in correspondence with them (scammers) as well. I had told her to call these people since they were only emailing or texting. She couldn’t get in touch with them but felt like they being her classmates wouldn’t lie or do something underhanded. she was supposed to send moneygrams but several of the places told her that it was a scam and one wouldn’t even take her transaction. So far she has been out $5,000. As of today she still has not been able to talk with either friend on the phone. I have been in touch with the same people through email and things don’t look right. I told her this off of the bat. They are using a gentleman’s name of Richard Chapman who is supposed to be over a department with the U.S. Department of Family and Human services. He is listed on facebook as being employed with that department. I have all of the emails that were sent to me. Funny thing is that Benjamin Ben Haddad is listed on the email address but the correspondence shows a Richard Chapman.

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