U.S. Education Dept.

Evan –

Victim Location 77414

Type of a scam Government Grant

I was told the call was from the U.S. Education Dept. and that they were offering me a grant to get an education and they wanted to know if I was more interested in money or getting an education. I was to be contacted by their supervisor and I needed to be ready to answer 3 questions and I was given the answers to the questions. 1 Do I have a computer with internet access? – Yes 2 What subjects am I interested in? – Business, Health Care, Criminal Justice, and Trade. 3 How soon do I want to start classes? – 2 months They told me to lie about the year that I was born and also the year that I graduated from high school. Whenever I received several phone calls from 206-317-1737 and also 979-217-7648, I didn’t answer the phone. Upon completion of answering the questions, I would be receiving money that I would not have to pay back. I did give them my e-mail address, but no other information, other than my birthday and high school graduation date, which they chose not to use.

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