U.s.goverment human resources

Virginia –

Victim Location 27937

Type of a scam Government Grant

I was just called by this phone number 202-817-2450 the foreign man on the phone said his name was "Mike Davis", and I had been selected by the u.s. government to receive payment in the amount of 14,589 dollars because I didn’t have any bankruptcies, credit card debt, & I pay my bills on time. All that was needed on my end was either my direct deposit information, my prepaid card information or my saving or checking account numbers. I did not give the man any of that information. I did tell him before hanging up on him was that I was calling the better business bureau to check this out. He is claiming the u.s. government is giving money out to selected individuals that are struggling to pay their bills and make a living, ad long as we do not have any bankruptcies, credit card debt, and pay all our bills on time.

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