U S Govt. Grant Dept.

Beth –

Victim Location 28216

Type of a scam Government Grant

Lady said she was with the US Gov’t. Grant Dept. and I had been chosen to receive a $9,200.00 that is not taxed and does not have to be paid back.She asked me to verify my name and address. She had my address wrong. I gave her my correct address. She then said that citizens from all over the US were being chosen to receive these grants due to the instructions with the Recovery Act of 2008 (?). She then gave me a

code and 1-201-681-9845 and tell the person that answers that Jennifer Johnson with the Verification Office gave me the number and code.

When I called the number a man answered via auto saying to leave my number and name and he will call me back. Two things, the lady had

an accent from outside the US/Canada and the gentleman had an India accent. So I left my number and not to call me back if I was going to be asked for money as that would make it a scam and they should be ashamed. Hope I didn’t blow $9200.

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