U. S. Tax Commission E-Loans

Carmen –

Victim Location 36609

Total money lost $150

Type of a scam Other

I got a call from E-Loan company telling me that I had $4,000 from the IRS. Then they said $2,000 of it was my refund but they were holding it until I paid the taxes on it. The agent’s name was Jack White and he called from 202-600-9629. He also called from 312-757-5911. The tax amount was $250.00. So I sent to money grams. One for $150.00 and one for $100.00. Then I called back and the number was disconnected. I never got my money. I went to the ScamPulse.com office and they called the number that started with 202. They said they were the U. S. Tax Commission. I told them we called the IRS and there is no such thing. We asked where they were located. They said 200 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington. We googled it and its a train station. We told them it was fake address and we knew there was no such agency. We told them we knew they were a scam. He said I guess you just don’t want this money then.

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