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Shanna –

Victim Location 39751

Total money lost $799

Type of a scam Tech Support

I recently bought a new MacBook air. When trying to connect to WiFi at home I kept getting a message that states that unable to connect to the Apple server. I began to research the issue. I came upon supposedly " apple website" and noticed a number I could phone. I did and I began speaking to a member of Tech support. They informed me that it was my network that was most likley causing the issue and would need to be cleaned up. I was skeptical, but did proceed. They were going to charge me $ 200 to diagnose the issue and clean the network. I agreed. They then proceeded to convince me that for a certain amount they could protect the network for so much over the next 5 years. I did agree, which I know was stupid but after they gained access to my computer it crashed and now I have a non-working laptop. I am still communicating with the same person who "supposedly is trying to help me with the issue. I am convinced that I was scammed.

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