UBI Leasing

Julie –

Victim Location 20176

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted by UBI Leasing’s HR for a project management position that I had applied for. UBI Leasing is a European company (with an office in NY according to them). They are looking to open more offices in the states, including D.C. I conducted a phone interview which I passed and was then told that I must submit to a 1 month long online training program to see if I was qualified for the position. The training consisted of receiving case studies (reading material) and answering questions on leasing and management. I completed these and was told that my scores were perfect and that I was moving on to the next phase of the training. This included researching laptop prices (which the offices would need to be supplied with once they opened). I sent the laptop estimate prices to my training manager, and was told that the estimates were approved. The next step was to purchase these laptops using the company money. This is where things got suspicious. I was sent reading material on how a transfer would take place, between their accounts and my credit card. After money from their account would be transferred to my credit card, I would then make the purchases. They were to provide me with their account routing and banking number (which I did not collect). I emailed my training manager stating that this was suspicious and he never replied.

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