UBS Processing

Angela –

Victim Location 13850

Type of a scam Debt Collections

A woman called saying I took out a Cash Advance loan back in 2010 and claimed this was the final attempt for them sending out documents, however I never received any phone calls and never took out any loans. When I said that, the woman said she could try to turn it over and I would have to fight it in court. I told her about the reports and scam warnings I read about the company and how I was going to report them and she replied, ‘Okay then. Have a good day." She didn’t ask for my address to send these alleged documents against me. She never gave me any information about the alleged loan. She didn’t ask for anything else.

Melissa –

Victim Location 21788

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a call from a man claiming to work for "UBS Processing," a "document delivery service." He stated that he needed my address to delivery a "subpoena" for a debt that I did not recognize from over five years ago. He knew where I worked five years ago, and claimed I owed money to a payday loan company. I knew that I had no such outstanding debt. Then, this man from the "document delivery service" stated that he also had the permission of the court to act as a debt collector, and that if I paid him a sum in excess of $700 he could clear my record. I hung up the phone, and have blocked the number.

Sheila –

Victim Location 47022

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a call from 1-844-561-0926 saying I owe MONEY from a loan I did 12 years ago. When you call number back it doesn’t say a business name they just answer and say Processing. Jason Stark(ext.201) gave me personal info like my social sercuity, email address and old address. My address he gave was from 10 years ago. Jason told me to pay $510 by today from checking account or else I would be taken to court and have to pay interest, court fees, lawyers fees and etc… I was told today is the only day I could pay this fee or else I would be charged with check fraud and my wages would be garnished until the debt was paid off. I have not recievced any paperwork in the mail especially for court that I was due to be in court today.

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