Latoya – Jun 01, 2020

Victim Location 47403

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

I had published a GoFundMe account on a Facebook group designed to promote them. I received an instant message from a man who said he’d seen my post and "couldn’t stay away." He said he wanted to make a donation but couldn’t donate bitcoin to the GoFundme account. He told me to visit Ucoi.net, create an account, and send him the wallet number so that he could transfer $1000 USD, or .12 bitcoin to me. I did so, and a little over an hour later, the cryptowallet account showed the amount he had promised as having been transferred. When I tried to find out how to withdraw it, I was told by the site’s "support" that in order to make a withdrawal I had to first make a deposit of .03 bitcoin (about $365) from my bank account so that it could be verified, and then I would be able to withdraw that, plus the 1k. I spoke to the BBB, who advised me that this was highly unusual, the "company" had been created a couple days prior to this incident, and thus, it was most likely a scam. I had not given them any information except my email address, and I had to create a username and password. After talking to the BBB, I quickly changed all my passwords (because I had used a password that I used for most of my online accounts). I did not give them banking information or money, luckily.

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