Neil –

Victim Location 57642

Total money lost $6,000

Type of a scam Government Grant

I received a message fron my female in law (female, who I thought it was). She informed me of a U.K. gov’t grant helping people in poverty or in financial shortfall. That be me my job ended 07/06/18 due to grant ending. I was told to my name was on winning list for $100,000. My in law receiveded $85,0000. I didn’t know I had to send in $1,000 itune cards. I never dealt itune cards before. I did that and had to srnd in $1,500. The next day, I had to send in $3,500 cash to Iowa address. The entire time, was the told not to tell for my own protection. The next day when cash was to arrive a picture was sent with 2 wracked semi. The driver of team was killed. I wss to pay $6,500 to get funds released. I tried to bortow money from my daughter. She opened up to me about scams on FB. I’m not aware of FB. I then realized i been taken for my money I received from Mass mutual. $6,000…

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