Ultimate Home Profits

Crystal –

Victim Location 33513

Total money lost $98

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

There is ABSOLUTELY no means of getting your money returned to you despite the GUARANTEED 60 day Money Back Guarantee! There is no information provided to contact them to get your money returned. This is SCAM written all over it.

NO CONTACT information is provided ANYWHERE on the website. No EMAIL information, NO TELEPHONE information; no Phone Number to contact to employ the Money Back Guarantee! SCAM business.

Gina –

Victim Location 60714

Total money lost $97

Type of a scam Employment

I signed up for the Ultimate Home Profits to "work from home" and they charged me $97, and when I called in and they directed me to someone else to try and get me to pay more money. First of all they never provided the service that I paid for, but danced around it telling me that they did, and that I had misunderstood. I called ###-###-#### and they put me through to talk to someone named *** *** at ext. 3108. He proceeded to try and ask me a lot of personal questions, and when I was hesitant to answer, he kept trying to drill me for more and proceeded to tell me that he was doing a screening process and that he would be deciding if they would pick me to join their team of VIP members so that they can mentor me to make a lot of money working from home. At that point I told him that I felt that this was a scam and he got a little upset and told me that what I paid for was something that I would have to do completely on my own with no mentoring and no "free" website like their ad said. I was furious and told him that I knew I was being scammed and he hung up on me. When I called back, I asked to be directed to someone who can give me a refund, and they put me thru to someone in customer service who told me that my $97 was still in progress and I had to call back within next 24-48 hours to ask for my refund at that time since it had to go through first. I told them I needed to speak to a supervisor and they needed to stop the payment from going through, and that I would be informing the ScamPulse.com about this. He then asked me to hold so that he can talk to his supervisor, and when he got back on the phone, he told me that the supervisor put thru the refund and gave me a confirmation # for my records to prove it. Please look into this since they are based out of Nevada, and when I asked one of the girls where I was calling, she told me that this phone number was a corporate office for a number of different companies. I told her that they were scammers and she had nothing to say but that she needed to transfer me over to the person in charge of my file. They need to be taught a lesson because they are praying on people who are hurting for money and are having hardship, and will respond to something like this since it sounds too good to be true, and we hope that this will help us. If you need to reach me by phone, I can be reached @ ###-###-####. Thanks, *** ***

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