Ultimate Investments

Anne –

Victim Location 10001

Total money lost $2,100

Type of a scam Investment

Just to clarify, I live in London, but I can see the scroll down option only includes USA and Canada.

I was contacted by Harry Madison (now I am not sure whether this is his real name) on FB, I can’t even remember how we became friends on FB, I think we had a mutual friend. We started chatting on Messenger in October 2017, but this was rather a casual chat. I now understand he must have been building up my trust and only after few months he mentioned that he works for Ultimate Investments and they specialise in various investments (real estate, cryptocurrency). I did my research at the time and could not find anything negative on the company, page looked legitimate so eventually after few months I decided to invest $2100. As advised I made a transfer by Coinbase, I was given an "account number" and completed the transfer successfully. Harry was in touch with me throughout, answering my questions on a chat, and I was able to check how much my investment has grown as it was shown on their website/my dashboard. I did not expect any problems, the investment wasn’t growing in a speed Harry was promising me, but still – at the end of July I had over $ 5,654.34. I contacted Harry in July asking as to how I could withdraw the funds and he said the dashboard does not actually reflect the real value (!), that I in fact, only have about $1,500 – which is less than I invested initially. He then was trying to get me to invest MORE promising that this time there is a guarantee they would be able to re-cup the funds after couple of months (I have the whole chat conversation which I can also send to prove). I was a bit angry as I made it clear from the very beginning, I was not investing any more money. Last message I sent to his was on 27th July 2018 but it was never read/delivered. After few days I realised I cannot send any more messages assuming I was blocked and also Harry’s profile disappeared from my FB friends list. In the meantime I contacted our mutual friend and he also noticed that Harry is not on his FB any more. Just to add, the website was operational and was still showing my dashboard with $ 5,654.34. I sent two emails to [email protected] but never received a response. I then sent a message to their FB page, they did not respond to me until I posted a negative comment on their FB page. They seemed like they were willing to help, I explained my circumstances, sent them a screen shot of my dashboard showing the funds, provided them with my name and the name of my Account Manager. They assured me that they would check my account and get back to me. After couple of days I contacted them again growing really suspicious, I now understand that were just killing time, asked me another question and got quiet. Again, only after I posted another negative comment, they responded to me with no specific information or advice. Then I sent them couple of messages asking for any response, but there was none. By that point I got blocked from their Messenger, I got restricted from posting on their FB page. Sadly, I got SCAMMED. Ultimate Investments pride themselves to be a legitimate financial firm, but if they scammed one person, they probably do it on regular basis.

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