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Victim Location 60172

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

My group (2 couples) was looking for an agent that can help us with booking a trip to the Bahamas. Kelly was our agent. We booked an all inclusive trip through her. Two days before the trip, Kelly called us to let us know that she found a better deal for the trip…she stated that since the hotel is not fully booked, they are giving out a “promotion price”. She told us that if we wanted to save some money, she would have to rebook the trip, refund us the full amount that we paid, and we would have to pay at the resort. So we all agreed…who wouldn’t want to save a couple hundred dollars?

She said that the refund would take 5-7 business days. 7 business days pass…we call Kelly asking about the refund. She states that she submitted the refund October 1st and it was “batched out” October 2nd (our trip was Sept 30-Oct 7). She kept telling us that everything was done on her end. She said the refunds were received through payment tech at chase and transmitted and that she has all the receipts. She told us that she refunded only two accounts which none of us told her to do…three of us paid with credit cards! Every time we called her asking where our refund is, she kept saying she doesn’t know and she will call the bank and let us know what was going on. She had an excuse after an excuse and was blaming the bank. It does not take three weeks for a refund to come through.

We called her stating that if we do not get our refund back, we are reporting her for fraud and getting the police involved. After that phone call, she said that she is going to go to chase herself and credit us the refund manually. (She mentioned this a few times). There were NEVER any pending transactions when we called the bank. She lied and never went to the bank. She sent us the “receipt” of our refunds through email (it looked like a fake document she just typed up). Days pass and we STILL don’t see a SINGLE PENNY in our accounts. We all had to call the bank and dispute the charges.

This has caused us so much anger, stress, and frustration. Kelly should NOT be in business. She is a SCAMMER and a FRAUD. We are planning on contacting a lawyer and taking legal actions because we do not want her to get away with this and keep on scamming people who work hard for their money and want to take a vacation. She is STEALING money from people!


Two people in our group had charges from Jet Blue for over $1,000 and got charged $379 three times by American Airlines. Kelly told us that she received over 20 emails from Jet Blue and said Jet Blue kept canceling and reissuing our flights. Kelly said “I guess every time they canceled and reissued your tickets, they were charging you for it, maybe they were training someone or something”. Kelly was supposed to take care of these crazy charges. Days pass and the airline charges are still present on the bank accounts. Kelly said she took care of it and that the charges should been taken off. My friend called JetBlue HIMSELF and they said that they did NOT cancel and reissue anything. Once again, Kelly was lying to us. The other person ended up canceling his card overall and got a new one. It was a nightmare.

This was such a disaster so please save yourself the stress and headache and DO NOT USE ULTIMATE TRAVEL OR KELLY. We don’t even know if Kelly is her real name! Her email says Kelly/Kelli and on a document she sent us, it said Colleen Kosiek.

Seems like from previous reviews this is what she does! She calls people 2-3 days before their trip stating she found a better deal, she will issue a refund and you have to rebook when you get to your destination. I have no idea how Kelly in still in this business and not sitting in jail for scamming people left and right. Our refund/fees from the airline was over $10,000!

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