Ultimate Travel

Diana –

Victim Location 60133

Type of a scam Credit Cards

planning a vacation for Jan 2019 with my Family, gave Kelli, first deposit Mar 2017, in June she calls and informs me if I pay the airlines in full she will save me money, calls me again in July says pay Vacation balance in full she will save me more money, in October my credit card statement has over $4000 in airline charges, that were not mine. I question this with Kelli, she said she will issue a credit back to me, weeks later I dispute the charges because zero refunds have come back to me, in November she tells me will send a check, its December No Check, I cancelled my trip with her once we called the airlines one month before departure to verify our flights, they informed us that No Payment has been received, called the Hotel Resort, they had no Record of my Name, at that point I called Kelli and cancelled all my plans,(my Grandchildren were so upset). she has over $14,000 of my money since July, and nothing has been paid for, I asked for my money, she tells me she processed refunds, STILL no Money as of Today she insists that the $4000 check for airline charges was mailed to me.

Margaret –

Victim Location 60188

Total money lost $2,300

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

This business is a travel agency that gains access to your credit cards when you trust them to book travel for you. Colleen "Kelli" Kosiek pretends to arrange travel and sends you permission slips for you to authorize charges on your card. She then never arranges or books what you’ve agreed to and lives off your money. She essentially takes "cash advances" on the credit cards of trusting clients. You realize too late that none of you’re plans were booked and she has lived off your money. She tells lie after lie to cover up what she’s done and is unable to refund your money. She is a credit card fraud and needs to be arrested and have this business shut down. We are out $2300.00 and she continues to stall and lie, even to the Police.

Geoffrey –

Victim Location 78734

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

Answered cell phone and lady said thanks for being a marriott customer and you have won a free vacation then after some clicks another person – a guy with an indian accent comes on and says he is from ultimate travel and wants to confirm my phone number and to get a pen and paper to write down travel info then he said – so confirm your area code is it 512? And i said yes then they hung up. I am concerned this is just like the "can you hear me" scam

I havent seen any fraudulent charges anywhere but it only happened 2 days ago.

Alison –

Victim Location 84054

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

Telephone solicitation from 866 895 4288. Offered two free round-trip United Airline tickets, after attending a 90 minute sales presentation at "Ultimate Travel" in Sugarhouse, Utah. Two female callers involved, both sounded like India. They did not ask for money or credit info. I can’t find Ultimate Travel in BBB listings, and my number is on the FCC do not call list, so I report this as a scam.

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